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Nathalie Jansen

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The Matching Group - Founded by Nathalie Jansen

Nathalie was born in Belgium the daughter of a Ukrainian mother and Dutch father. Growing up throughout Europe she now speaks five languages and has worked in Holland, Belgium, France, Lebanon and in Israel. With a great deal of moving around due to her parent’s business in the fairground industry, she became an early school “drop out” having not been very motivated towards a formal education. However, with a thirst for knowledge and a real interest in world affairs, Nathalie mainly educated herself to a high standard.

Years later, as a teenage single mother with a young daughter of her own, she found herself away from her home with no parental help struggling abroad. To provide for her daughter and to be able to look after her she decided that the only way to get a job in this difficult situation was to start her own business at the age of 21. Continuously learning and with several ups and downs she managed through the years to become a successful business woman now running The Matching Group in London, United Kingdom.