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Nathalie Jansen

What we do

The Matching Group was formed to provide clients with products and services as a one-stop-shop.

The company started as the first employment agency for beautiful & talented people in 2007, working worldwide, primarily on major international sporting events.

As the company’s increasing number of clients involved the business more and more in developing their marketing strategies and events, the company added additional businesses to form the Group involving experts in their fields to provide the very best in PR & Communications, Marketing and Events planning and execution.

The Group now offers an agency capability which includes Employment & Staffing, Marketing, Media & Online Reputation Management.

Matching Models is focused on brains and beauty, matching both looks and skills to assign professional crews for a range of events. We employ over 3000 multilingual and experienced models all over the world and our models have represented corporations and brands such as Louis Vuitton, U2, Mercedes, Heineken, MTV and Moet & Chandon and have worked at events including the Cannes Film Festival, London Fashion week and F1 races

Matching Media was formed after Matching Models were approached by Sony television. Nathalie created a reality documentary soap centered around working models following there audition, selection & training process to see them finally work at glamourous events worldwide. Nathalie Jansen signed a co-production agreement with Victory Television in 2012 to develop the show Currently, Matching Media is busy at work with other media projects from corporate video productions to TV show pilots.

The Room 107 (formerly called "The Code 20") organises F1 closing party events bringing working models, sponsors and clients together to as a business platform for creating new opportunities linking sports and entertainment to new business opportunities

Matching Marketing has evolved over the years, by working with major blue-chip and well-known brand companies. During this time Matching Models became involved in developing events to maximise the value to our clients. In doing so the company also began to provide PR, Marketing and Event Management support as part of our services. Increasingly the company was invited to submit full creative concepts for events and campaigns which stemmed from our direct involvement in our various clients' key campaigns and our understanding of how events work and the feedback from our teams.

Matching Management was formed as entrepreneur Nathalie recognised a growing interest for online reputation management after facing some difficulties. These days, online reputation is just as important, if not more so, than the "real world" reputation - it's where we all go to 'check someone out' when we have their name. It’s also much harder to keep clean! Nathalie has partnered up with Konstantinos Varsis a well known technical specialist in this field. Their company is already helping entrepreneurs, politicians & businesses to control and create a better image on the internet.